Leah Diprose Photography

Someone wise once told me: you never know unless you go

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you travel for shoots?

Yes, depending on the project requirements, I can travel for shoots. Weekends are best.

What equipment do you use?

I use a number of cameras to capture epic shots, some small, some large. For me it's not about the camera, but the eye and the creative thinking around the shoot. 

What kind of images do you deliver, and how will I receive them?

You will receive a gallery page on www.leahdiprosephotography.com to enable easy social sharing of your event or project - this can be password protected by request. You will also receive a copy of your images in JPEG format via a link from which you can download your photos for printing! If you like, we can discuss a range of photo products to complete your project and I can prepare those for you as well!

How long have you been doing photography?

I have been chasing photos for over 10 years. I started to learn as a child from my father, who also does photography, and have a catalogue of shots going back 15 years.

Do you do portraits?

My work is focused around capturing moments. I can capture portraits, but they won't be highly edited or touched up like traditional portrait photographers.