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B CHI Australia

About B-CHI Australia: Using the most potent botanicals found exclusively in Australia, B-CHI is a pure, all-natural and organic collection, hand-crafted with sustainable processes. Drawing on more than 25 years of research, the B-CHI team has created eco-luxury skincare to replenish sun ravished cells and establish a continuous connection between your body [B] and vital energy [CHI]. Made in Australia, COSMOS certified. Visit the B-Chi Australia here

The Brief: Deliver product and lifestyle shots to be used in shopping cart and in marketing (website and/or other marketing material).

Output: 63 high resolution (300 DPI) images of individual products and the range of products for client selection in 5 scene variations:

  1. Lightbox (white background),

  2. Organic Scene 1,

  3. Beach Scene,

  4. Organic Scene 2, and

  5. Botanicals Scene

Highlights reel - scroll down to see each scene and more images separately

  1. Lightbox - Front & back - shopping cart / white background

  1. Lightbox cont. - Range shots - white background

2. Organic scene 1

3. Beach scene

4. Organic scene 2

5. Botanicals scene

Visit the B-Chi Australia here